Beard Diary: Day 9

Hey readers, just wanted to update everybody on how my first beard is growing. I’ve always given up after a week or so because it was too itchy, but I feel that this time I can pull through. The shave last saturday was satisfactory and gave me a great canvas on which to sculpt this facial art. The first few days of growth were boring and regular, but on the fourth day, the texture began to interfere with my face, and the scratching began. By day five, I wasnot comfortable, and every night I had an urge to cut it off so I could sleep soundly. Day seven was the worst, when my uncle offered me his old electric razor, as he had bought a new one. Unwisely, I took it. Now it sits on the bottom of my medicine cabinet, ready, for when I crack. Today, however, I feel fine. The beard is nicely visible and I feel that I have the stones to carry it to a full growth.

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