Thoughts on being at home

This is my second trip home since winter break. I’m really glad to be here, but a few things have changed since I left almost exactly a year ago for college. Some things worth mentioning:

1. Florida has a lot of hurricanes.
There was an impromptu tropical storm when I made the 10-minute drive to my mom’s office. Seriously. I was stuck inside the car for 20 minutes while really violent wind and rain threatened to further dilapidate the Jeep I drive.  Anyway, when it finally cleared up, the humidity had climbed to 90 or 95%. That’s Florida.

2. I don’t have a meal plan at home.
This was a pleasant realization.

3. My sister has taken over the car.
That was my car! Now she has the keys on a totally different key ring! Ugh.

4. Was my room always so dusty?
Also, I have a lot of stuffed animals that I just didn’t remember. My room looks exactly like it did when we moved into the house nine years ago.

5. The TV stations are different than I remember.
BET and LifeTime have totally switched it up! Game changer.

6. Florida is boring.
Sometimes in a good way, like where I want to just hang around at home and read with my puppy nearby. But other times, living in a gated community is really detached from anything I want to do in the area.

7. New Publix by my house!
That’s the good supermarket here. And they make really excellent sub sandwiches. So much better than Winn-Dixie. The employees at Winn-Dixie must know this. At Publix, the employees aren’t even allowed to have tattoos or something.

8. I like being home.
My bed is really cozy. I like my parents and my sister and my puppy.


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