Hey, I’m going to start knitting again.

I’ve got a few days to relax at home before school starts up again, so I reckon its about time to start knitting season again. I usually get pretty into it by October and by February I’m burnt out. I thought I should probably write out a game plan this time so I can have various projects to work on instead of just making hats when I’m bored (like I usually do). Heres a quick list of things I’d like to make this year:

  • Fingerless mittens with a flap
  • A vertically striped hat
  • A camouflage canteen holder
  • Doctor Who style scarf
  • Socks
  • Hat with earflaps
  • Some attempt at a pattern involving at least 3 colors
  • A sweater 

Realistically, I’ll be able to crank out all these except the sweater (I’ve tried the last two years and I think that a sweater is actually a multidimensional fold in space-time that cannot be understood by anyone[1]). So yeah, if you want to contribute some yarn, let me know[2]. I’ll happily give away this stuff so long as I have the yarn with which to make it.

1 Probably just me. I refuse to learn any knitting theory or patterns
2 I would link to my email here but I don’t know how [3]
3 But I did just learn how to use footnotes


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