Express post!

Hey readers! Sorry for the blog break (bleak?). I’ve been busy moving in, job-ing, blogging about my job (blobbing), and doing school things.

My apartment/dorm-suite is pretty nice. There is a medium-sized kitchen and nice couches that I suspect will be cozy in the winter. There is even a tapestry hanging in the living room, thanks to the student union’s poster sale. My roommates are all fine, too — sort of quiet, but friendly enough. I like to clean the bathroom a lot.

Anyway, here’s a break down of what happened today, since it was fairly interesting:

8:06 am: Woke up and remembered that I had to put clothing in the dryer.

8:08 am: Checked lint screen to ensure lint had been picked off. It wasn’t. Slammed finger in the grate. Hopefully a dramatic-looking injury ensues.

8:15: Honey-nut Cheerios. Yum.

8:20 – 9:12 am: Read remaining assignment and headed to class. Early as usual. Mingled with other silent members of class as I ate a poppy seed loaf.

10:40 am: Out early after first interesting lecture for this class. Almost disappointed, but I had a small break.

12 – 12:50 pm: Deutsch! Since I started a more advanced class with a tougher teacher, I’ve been afraid of attempting the complex, multi-clausal sentences I would usually be excited to try. I’ve been avoiding adjectives lately.

12:50 – sometime before 3 pm: Hung around the Model UN cube with my bros. Ate some really unhealthy Union Food. Worth it!  Can’t make this a daily thing though.

3 – 4:00 pm: Worked my one-hour shift at the library. Although my training has effectively ended, most of my interactions with patrons end with me directing them to my supervisor. I’ve probably impeded most library transactions rather than swiftly assisted them, but it’s only my second week.

4 pm – now: Finger injury did not come to fruition. I had hoped for at least a bruised finger.

Overall a good day.


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