Fruit snack thievery

What started off as a quiet morning of remembrance and Honey Nut Cheerios quickly devolved into a fit of quiet rage for yours truly. The fruit snacks I had been so eager to tuck inside my backpack for class were not only open, but its supply depleted to one. Bear in mind that I started off with a fully-stocked, closed carton of six Meijer-brand “Fruit Chews.” Ideas to stop this type of kitchen thievery:

1. Stow away snacks inside my closet.
The only problem is that I tend to forget about food the minute I hide it away somewhere food would not normally be stored. That banana in my backpack? Discovered a good two days later.  The vegan chocolate chip cookie I hid in the pocket of a sweater? Discovered in my laundry basket a few minutes ago.

2. Leave a note.
I’m not so good at the passive-aggressive thing though, room mate who shall remain anonymous.

3. Call maintenance.
I don’t know what this would do. (Authority figure…?)

4.  Say something.
I would like to go the diplomatic route, but I can get pretty riled up about food thievery in particular.

5. Remain silent and write a petty blog about it.



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