It’s a tradition of mine to not start planning a Halloween costume until the day of, and the last three years’ costumes have been testament to that. My “salt” costume included a white t-shirt. A pink t-shirt and pig ears was all I needed to be swine flu two years ago. And last year was no different: I went as a librarian, where I wore the cardigan I wore everyday last fall. It’s not for lack of effort, though — I just like putting questionably little thought into costumes.

This year will be different, since I’ve been planning to go as Monica Lewinsky for a long time now. It’s topical, it’s hyper-political, and it’ll get people talking, which is what the ideal Halloween can do. Is it something I’ll tell my parents about? Probably not. Well maybe my mom. I’ve heard her crack Monica jokes.

Like my other costumes, this will require craftiness and planning.
Things I can do to prepare:

1. Become a White House intern. (Check!)
2. Cozy up to Bill Clinton. (Check!)
3. Get/find/sew notorious blue dress. (I’m working on it)
4. Get/find/steal a beret. (We’ll see.)
5. Show up to Halloween! (Coming up!)


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