choosing between charities makes me feel like a horrible person

So about 30 minutes ago, I decided that I should run in a 5k tomorrow. Now usually, I will just sign up for whatever 5k is closest to me. Seriously, I will run a race put on by any organization that provides a t-shirt with registration. Yes, this makes me a bad person.

Tea Party Rally Race ’11: “Medium shirt please!”

Cancer Rocks (Madison): “So you guys are against patients… well if its only $10, I suppose”

Anti Puppy Fun Run: “I… how? Whatever, just give me my bib.”

But tomorrow is different. There are two races equidistant from me at the same time. I have to choose between giving money to “Habitat For Humanity” and “The Make A Wish Foundation”. So lets decide!

Reasons to race for Habitat for HumanityIt will give a family a new place to live. Without my money, an entire extended family could end up living in a shelter for months while they raise money for a hole-in-the-wall apartment that they will have to heat with a crappy space heater that they found at goodwill. You will put smiles on their 3 kids faces for years as they grow up in this home and have many wonderful memories of this red brick abode. To deprive them of this would be horrible.

Reasons to race for The Make A Wish Foundation

I’m totally going to race for “The Make A Wish Foundation”


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