Bitter Post #1

It’s been a wild ride. After six months of mature and thought-provoking blog-writing in as many blog views, mikeandvalblogging has arrived at a watershed moment. As of the publishing of Mike’s douchey post a few minutes ago (scroll down), the blog pact has been broken. One of us is moving on because the other couldn’t wait to replace the other with a new co-blog-author. That’s fine. It appears that the authors will scatter into the two winds.

A word of warning to the other’s replacement though: While Mike might dream of becoming a comedian, he is actually not that funny. His blogs are accordingly not that funny and sometimes long-winded (see all of his posts). I fell asleep reading one of his blogs once because it wasn’t even funny.  Also, Mike knits a lot. What, does he also like cats and the Golden Girls? Probably. Also he knows how to make toilet wine. Has he served time in prison or something?

So, if you’re interested in replacing Mike, please be named Mike or consider a name change! The site is already pretty well-established and the name is clever. Aside from all the other revamping of the blog, that’s one thing that won’t change.


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