New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy new year to our blog readers! To the rest of you, I hope you forget about your new year’s resolutions by tomorrow. Looks like those 20 lbs. are going to be sticking around for a while.

 Speaking of resolutions, yours truly has come up with a few ideas that might improve just about everything. Hopefully I can stick to them. 

  1. Become more fiscally responsible!
    Last year I got a job within the university, which was a generally positive change. That being said, the school should probably cut out the middle man (me) and send my paycheck directly to Espresso Royale. Seriously, I have my morning fix and a ton of snacks during the day (recommendations: chocolate chip scone, a banana, or the almond poppy seed bread).
    Solution:Make use of previously unused coffee machine sitting on my dorm’s kitchen counter. Save money.
  2. Finish the murder mysteries I start.
    I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about a week ago since it’s gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s on a bestseller list somewhere. Note to self: Read the back of the book before purchasing! I didn’t realize it would be a pretty graphic murder mystery. I’ve learned a little bit about Sweden and everything, but sort of lost interest about 200 pages ago since checking Wikipedia for a plot summary.
    Solution:Stop checking Wikipedia and move away from the murder mystery genre.  
  3. Consolidate socks.
    This is always a problem. I wear matched socks about 10% of the time. Where do they go? This really isn’t a problem for anyone else; it’s really just a long-standing inquiry of mine, since there are feasibly only two places socks could be once they enter the washer/dryer cycle.
    Solution: ???
  4. Make time for the blog.
    With the onslaught of fall semester came a marked decrease in blog posts. Sorry, blog. Sorry, partner-in-crime (Mike).
    Solution:More blog posts!
  5. Get back into the dating scene.
  6. Become more widely-read!
    I haven’t read very much for pleasure since high school, mostly due to time constraints. Unless flipping through MAD on a monthly basis counts, I think it would be fruitful to expand my literary interests in case someone asks me what I thought about the Harry Potter series. (“Hmm yeah, the one with the owl was pretty good.”)
    Solution:Read more! Finish the Harry Potter series in order to understand pop culture references. Other books, too.
  7. Lost 15 lbs…
    Of emotional baggage! Just kidding.

 Looks like it’ll be a busy year!


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