Things I Do Shamelessly

Having had my fair share of roommates and siblings (one sister), I know everyone has their habits. I have mine, and if they’re annoying enough in the company of others, I’ll make a conscious effort to curtail these habits. Some things, though, I’ll keep on doing pretty shamelessly. For example:

Eating when invited to do so
You know the scenario: you’re at a friend’s house, and depending on how welcome you feel to your friend/passing acquaintance’s fridge, you’ll be offered some type of refreshment. Game changer: You expect me to politely decline, but I invariably say yes.  What, am I putting you out? Then don’t offer me any type of food that requires preparation, because I’m ready to accept anything from coffee to a full-blown meal.

Not always recycling
Well, this isn’t totally true, so don’t decide that I’m a bad person just yet. I recycle anywhere between 60 – 80% of the time, depending on just how vengeful I’m feeling toward the environment on a given day. There are times, though, when there isn’t a trash can and I’ll just toss the item in question.  I recycle more often than not, so I don’t feel too guilty about this.

Laughing at your artsy photos
You having a nice camera doesn’t make me appreciate your photo of a flower, which basically photographs itself. Unless you have a vested interest in photography, I’m probably not paying attention to the sepia tint you added on your mac.

Going through an entire box of granola bars in a day
Those things are damn tasty and sure as hell can replace any meal of the day. I’m all about these things. Nature Valley, I’m talking to you.

Asking for gift certificates
What? You asked what I wanted for my birthday and it’s probably a $25 gift certificate to Target.  The risk of not ending up with my choice of Target’s stretchy wool socks ($8 for a 3-pack) is too great for me to allow you to take a shot in the dark.

Complaining about your taste in music
As Mike will blog to anyone who listens, personal taste is subjective and is therefore exempt from value judgments. And I agree wholeheartedly — until you decide to seriously listen to a 7-minute remix of “Blinded by the Light” while I try to watch 30 Rock.  Go ahead and listen, but do it at a sub-audible volumes. I’m talking below-whisper levels.



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