3 Free Business Ideas

I’m not interested in running a business, but I do have some ideas for products/services that I would love to see become reality. Please take these ideas and do them? Because I want to use the following:

“Hurry” – A Wakeup Call Service

Who wants to wake up like this?

Good morning Michael, this is your wakeup call.

No, that sucks. I’ll go back to sleep. How about this: a wakeup call that hurriedly tells you that its imperative that you get out of bed. A wakeup call that lets you know that simply walking out of your bedroom can save all of humanity.

Michael! The President is choking on a cinnabon in your kitchen! Get the fuck out of bed and give him the heimlich!


Holy shit! Theres a nuclear bomb in your closet that will explode if you don’t put on a pair of pants right now! Hurry!

It doesn’t have to be clever or anything. Just yell at me to wake up with some urgency. That’s all that I need (but I would like elaborate situations more).

A Treebeard Alarm Clock

Okay, you don’t want to do the wakeup call idea. I get it, thats going to be an expensive thing, so lets move on with another way to get me out of bed… a Treebeard alarm clock. I mean, how cool is he? Easily the coolest voice in film. Just give it a listen:

So cool! But yeah, it comes with a giant subwoofer for under the bed, so the whole room shakes when he goes:

Miiiiiichaellllll. Itsssss timmmmme toooooo waaaaaaaaaake uppppppppp

Yeah! I love it already. Make it, please.

“The Morning After” -A Breakfast Restaurant That Only Serves Cold Pizza

Not much to explain, cold pizza is awesome. This restaurant will cook delicious pizzas, and then put them in a refrigerator for about 12 hours.

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