Lose Ten Pounds In A Month? Nailed It! (and then some…)

Hey everybody, here’s my weekly (ish?) update on exercise and stuff.


My goal for February was to lose 10 pounds. I started at 173 in January and at the gym today I was down to 162. Bam! That’s 11 pounds, yo! My overall goal of reaching 140 by June may be unrealistic, but this means I’m already 1/3 of the way there. Or maybe the 140 is realistic. Even though I’m down 11 pounds, I still look pretty obviously overweight… I’m going to put my goal for March to reach 155. We’ll see how I do!


I’m finally getting the hang of this again. Yesterday, I ran 7.8 miles at 8:30 pace or faster the entire time. Goddam that’s awesome! Let’s try to increase that by at least a mile every week until I’m at 12 miles. That should put me ready for the half marathon in April. Also, I totally forgot how horrible running is for my digestive system. It’s lame. Anywho, exercise is going awesome. Whether it’s just running a few miles or going to an hour long spin class, by tomorrow I’ll have been at the gym every day for two weeks. Fuck yeah! Weird things at the gym that I’ve never done before but turned out that I love: sit ups on those half exercise balls, the stairclimber thing (I will cover that in sweat every time I go; I feel like I legally own it now), and doing super boring plate lifts.


I’m still unsure if I’m doing my diet correctly. Basically, I’m only eating healthy foods (good!), but I’m just eating as much as I want (bad?). My weight loss probably means whatever I’m doing is right though, so let’s just keep doing that. Favorite meals: grapes with yogurt and raisin bran, greek yogurt, tuna, and ham sandwiches with apple.


I have no critiques with my workout and diet, I’m doing great! However, it is totally taking time out of school and stuff, so I should probably adjust a bit? Whatever, I’m happy. My other critique is that I can’t see a physical difference in my body. I know that’s just because I’m biased and the changes are so insignificant by days. But… I know that it totally is working because you may see me wearing some new shirts. Wait a second, those aren’t new shirts… those are old shirts that I couldn’t wear because they were too small on me. That’s right! I can wear my small sized shirts now! What whaaaaaat!


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