I Made A Meme

Why music puns? I have no idea. Enjoy

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Why I Hate Battlestar Galactica: It’s Just Like The Walking Dead (Also, I Have No Heart)

Hour long television dramas are great. I settle into my chair, turn on Netflix, and enjoy the unfolding relationships of characters onscreen. I’ve done this for Lost, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, House, and Dexter. Its fun. I look into people’s lives and enjoy their struggles to reach their goals. Villains will inevitably appear, impeding the journey of our protagonists. Even if the antagonists succeed in the downfall of our beloved characters, I will still happily watch: such is life, everything doesn’t always go the way we want it to. This is how I used to watch television. This is how I watched television before Battlestar Galactica.


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Adventures In Online Dating

A few weeks ago, I made an account on an online dating site on a whim. I mean, I know more than one (the number is “two”) friend who has started  relationship on there, so why not give it a try myself? Obviously, the reason is “because online dating has a stigma and only creepy, desperate people do it”. Well fuck you, I don’t care about a stigma and I’m totally happy being single. Except not really, so off to the world of online dating!

How am I possibly still single?!

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Westernmass/Gardengrass: An Album By Connor Shields

My friend Connor Shields just released a new album. If you’re a fan of steel string guitars, abandoned pianos, and lonely tunes sung to the moon at midnight, maybe you should give it a listen. Produced by and featuring fellow Neuqua alum Justin Hubler, Westernmass/Gardengrass is a solid, well-structured folk album with a dash of country influence thrown in. Imagine if Devendra Banhart, Ezra Furman, and Jason Boesel had a baby (and the godfather was John Denver)… Well, that baby would totally dig this album. Notable tracks include the opener “I Will Make My Way Out East” which features some great backing piano, the barebones “It Will Grow”, his crooning to an electric piano on “Into The Sun”, and (my favorite) the fingerpick-fest that is “Heaven”. It’s a lot of fun to listen to, so go ahead and download a free copy at his bandcamp page.

An early musical collaboration between myself and Connor. As usual, I played the couch.

Clinically, I am no longer fat!

Hey! My Body Mass Index used to be 25.5 (“overweight”, according to the center for disease control) and now it’s totally 23.3 (“normal”, yo!). That means I’m only 44 pounds away from being labeled “underweight”!

Can you believe how chubby my cheeks used to look?! How disgusting!

So yeah, whatever. It was a rough last week. On top of midterms and that stuff, my foot was all messed up so I didn’t work out for seven straight days. I could almost feel my waistline increasing… (side note: I actually have to wear a belt now and I was nervous about getting fat again and not using the awesome belt given to me by a friend). But it turned out that because I’m actually eating right and stuff, I didn’t gain any weight! So just giving an update on how I’m doing (awesome is how, by the way). I’m back into exercising and foot feels great. I did a 6.5 mile run and 1 mile swim yesterday and felt great. What whaaaat!

My Running Spirit Is At An All Time Low

Ahhhhhhhh. Alright, Thursday and Friday were great. I was back on the training horse with some vengeance. Weight back down to 161, heck yes. I’m almost in the 150’s! I was feeling great. Last night I was beat! Plate raises with 35 kilos, 30 minutes on the treadmill at 8 minute pace, stair machine for 10 minutes. Perfect! (You can stop reading now because this next section is literally the worst thing that has happened to me in my entire life)

Then today happened. 9 miles, that was the plan. I was up at 10am, which is a goddam triumph in my book for a Saturday morning. Great light breakfast with eggs and some canadian bacon and I was set. I just had to walk to the gym because the weather is too shitty for my bike. And on the walk, my foot hurt a little bit. Just a little stress, just a bit of pain. “Not great” I thought “but once I start running, it will go away”. It didn’t. It hurt really bad once I started running. After half a mile I had to stop because it was unbearable. The walk back was even worse. I had to stop a few times to wait for the pain to go down. Urghhhh. Doctor Pat says I need to stay off it for a few days and gradually work my way up to where I was. This sucks.

This is how I feel right now.

This is bullshit! The thing that I want to do most is train and get my body into shape and my body is actively stopping me from doing that. And I might not even get to use a cane for this possible stress fracture. Bleh. I’ll pick up a pair of swimtrunks and goggles tomorrow and do that instead for a while. Until then, fuck you body.