Clinically, I am no longer fat!

Hey! My Body Mass Index used to be 25.5 (“overweight”, according to the center for disease control) and now it’s totally 23.3 (“normal”, yo!). That means I’m only 44 pounds away from being labeled “underweight”!

Can you believe how chubby my cheeks used to look?! How disgusting!

So yeah, whatever. It was a rough last week. On top of midterms and that stuff, my foot was all messed up so I didn’t work out for seven straight days. I could almost feel my waistline increasing… (side note: I actually have to wear a belt now and I was nervous about getting fat again and not using the awesome belt given to me by a friend). But it turned out that because I’m actually eating right and stuff, I didn’t gain any weight! So just giving an update on how I’m doing (awesome is how, by the way). I’m back into exercising and foot feels great. I did a 6.5 mile run and 1 mile swim yesterday and felt great. What whaaaat!

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