Westernmass/Gardengrass: An Album By Connor Shields

My friend Connor Shields just released a new album. If you’re a fan of steel string guitars, abandoned pianos, and lonely tunes sung to the moon at midnight, maybe you should give it a listen. Produced by and featuring fellow Neuqua alum Justin Hubler, Westernmass/Gardengrass is a solid, well-structured folk album with a dash of country influence thrown in. Imagine if Devendra Banhart, Ezra Furman, and Jason Boesel had a baby (and the godfather was John Denver)… Well, that baby would totally dig this album. Notable tracks include the opener “I Will Make My Way Out East” which features some great backing piano, the barebones “It Will Grow”, his crooning to an electric piano on “Into The Sun”, and (my favorite) the fingerpick-fest that is “Heaven”. It’s a lot of fun to listen to, so go ahead and download a free copy at his bandcamp page.

An early musical collaboration between myself and Connor. As usual, I played the couch.

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