My Mother is Very Smart, So I’ve Written Down Things She Has Told Me: A Guest Post

Thanks to Dana for writing this up. She’s a cool person! -M&V

She told me to change it to “My Mother is Very Old, so I Wrote Down Things She Has Told Me.” She is funny too.


Her thoughts on High School:

High School is completely and totally a social program. Athletics are only about winning. It’s not about creating an appreciation for the game or participation or anything like that. It’s about ‘How many ways can we kill these kids?’, but everybody’s gotta go to school. They give you shit books to read which completely kills the kids’ love of reading and then they’re hypercritical on your writing which completely kills any mode of creative thought. They need to figure out something else besides high school because all it is is a waiting game. And the worst thing there ever was and the only time I ever interacted with a high school is when something bad happened. I know there’s parents that get involved and their kids are in band or whatever but for the bulk of us, we don’t want to see the school calling ’cause if we’re not involved we know it’s bad. I don’t even know how you guys get through it without such negative experience. All I’ve noticed is the only way you guys got through high school was the support that you garner from your peers. some of the only support that i ever saw. everything you ever got from your parents or teachers was negative or all about achievement, or lack-there-of.
Me- But you were a parent, this is you talking in retrospect.
Mom- But when you’re a parent, it’s a little about do as I say, not what I did when I was a kid. When we talk about you guys (we being parents), we feel sorry for you. When we went to school, you could cut classes; We weren’t locked down. There was some autonomy. You could go to the local place for coffee. It wasn’t this environment where they bring in the dogs to sniff out your lockers and lock the doors. I felt very sorry for you guys, but, it’s the system. It also amazes me how, what’s the word… forgetful my peers (your friends parents) can be. I mean, I was a goody two shoes… but they weren’t. So remember that. And remind your friends.



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