Do people even care about my exercising and stuff?

Well I do at least! So, my big race is just about 10 days away. Time to start tapering soon, right? (That means shorter, faster milage so I don’t get injured before the race and I stay in peak(?) physical condition). Oh well, I’ll wait until Saturday to do that.

I’ve been doing great with training, and I’m really happy about it. Milage has been great, with a big Saturday run every week for the last month (~10-13 miles), and at least 3-4 miles every other day. Also, I’ve thrown in a lot of sit ups on the half ball and the plate lifts that Brian taught me (those are the only things I know how to do other than running and swimming). Pace is getting a lot better too. I did a 4 miler at 6:55 pace without dying today. I mean, it was super tough, but I held out.

I think that my biggest vice in training right now is diet. I did so well for the first month, but it’s so hard to eat right when I’m at home (I can eat nachos like anytime I want to!). I’ll try to do better once I’m at school, but realistically I’ll be eating shitty all break. Weight wise, my gains are certainly not doing that great. I’ve been hovering around 160 for the last week or so and that seems to be unwilling to drop lower. Maybe I should be less concerned about my weight though and just worry about my overall stamina and health? Yeah, I’ll do that.


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