Interviewing 101: Tips and Tricks to Land (any) Job!

If you are hoping to enter the workforce or internship-force, think twice about the amount of effort it will take to actually land the job/shitty unpaid internship. You will likely need to complete some kind of application and submit legitimate supporting materials, such as your resume, a professional cover letter, and maybe even a transcript. It is also likely that you will be interviewed by your potential employer/intern boss. It’s easy to flub curveball interview questions, but scan these tips minutes before your interview and you just might land the position!


1. Dress the part.
Yikes! The interview is at 9 am? That’s earlier than you thought it would be, especially after those two beers last night… Whatever, no one said it would be a formal interview. Try to stow away some business professional pants in your backpack in case your black cargoes aren’t dressy enough.

2. Change into business attire.
Dressier than expected. Duck into a bathroom to do a quick change.

3. Don’t show up under any influences!
Including allergy medication! Even though you knew there was going to be a high pollen count today, skip the medication. The interview will be inside, so there is no chance that you will sneeze continuously throughout the interview, thereby prompting your interview to go see if the HR office has any tissues.

4. Practice some possible interview questions on the way over.
Shit. You probably should have done this a few days ago when you first got an interview offer. Practice makes perfect though. Here it goes. Where do you see yourself in 50 years? Any pets or grandkids? What are some of your weaknesses? Are you sure those are just allergies?


At the Interview

1. Show up early!
Way early. I cannot emphasize this enough. It makes a strong impression on your potential supervisor if you surprise them at 8:30 instead of 9 am, when they are actually finishing breakfast…but no, go ahead…take a seat.

Tip! If you decide to bring your huge backpack, place it in the chair your interviewer was hoping to take!

2. Shake some hands.
When did you last sneeze into your hand? Oh well. Your interviewer seems to have forgotten about it, so put your best (less wet) hand forward!

3. Be confident.
How many years was it that you worked on your high school newspaper? How would I know? He’s the one holding my resume.

4. Skip the second handshake.
Yeah, that last sneeze was all over the place.


After the Interview

1. Send a follow-up e-mail!
Thank your interviewer for his or her time. Make the e-mail more lighthearted by also expressing gratitude for using the remainder of HR’s tissue supply.

2. Send another follow-up e-mail.
They probably didn’t get your first e-mail.

3. Blame your allergies. 


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