My New Favorite Joke

So, everyone is obsessed with those gif website like “whatshouldwecallme” or whatever. I’m not a fan. Maybe it’s because the main idea is that it uses punchlines that already exist. Or maybe it’s because they it seems like theres only three categories of content on these sites: I like to eat!, I like to get drunk!, and I like random hookups!. While I have nothing against any of those, I’m just sick of them. Also, maybe it’s possible that I’m actually just an 80 year-old man who hates everything.

So I started my own tumblr account. #whatshouldwecallmike. Boom, hilarious. It has the same gif for every single post, and to boot, it’s an awfully produced gif.


It’s so funny! So, I decided to make this a thing. Anytime someone posts a website like this on facebook, I immediately respond by linking to one of mine. I want to make this a thing. #mikesfunny2012


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