What I’ve Learned From Econ 101

I’m listening to the final lecture of my summer Economics class. For the last month, I’ve sat in this class four days a week for over three hours a day. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • My computer battery can last for just over 3 hours if I’m just browsing the internet (but only 2 hours if I’m playing spider solitaire)
  • It’s cold enough in this classroom that I need to wear a sweatshirt
  • People aren’t talkative on facebook chat until at least 11am
  • The kid next to me carries around (and actually uses) 6 pens of various colors
  • I have almost complete story outlines of plays comically adapting Mama Mia and The Great Gatsby
  • Similarly, I’m awful at playwriting
  • Reddit is a lot of fun, but becomes really depressing after the first hour
  • I can’t think of an effective way to steal a chair from the union
  • Watching videos of poker champs doing tricks with their chips isn’t making me better at poker
  • Naperville residents love heroin and hate smart meters
  • I’m never going to be able to actually try standup comedy. I’d love to, but I can’t seem to write material that I think is worth performing
  • The view outside the window to my left is one of my favorite things on campus. I can only see leaves and sky
  • The bathrooms in the social sciences building may be the worst on campus (with the exception of memorial union)
  • 15 minutes is an awful amount of time to take a break from classes. I imagine it’s ideal for smokers though
  • No one is worth following on twitter
  • 9am is too early for everything

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