The Low-Down on Every Summer Movie!

What blog would be complete without a review of summer blockbuster hits? Without further ado, I give you the low-down on a few of the latest “must-sees” – to use the insider lingo!

Batman: On the Rise
This is probably everyone’s top pick when they see it in theatres. And why not? This movie has everything that many successful and famous “blockbusters” have: fighting, romance, and conflict. In the film, Batman battles an arch nemesis, which causes many problems for Batman. He uses a variety of bat-powers to bring down this nemesis and triumph over the evil in his life and also gets the girl. The many city shots are interesting, too. It looks like James Cameron has done it again!

Bat-Rating: 3.5/5 vampire teeth

The Amazing Spider-Man
One of my favorites! In this instant-classic rendition of the comic book series, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) learns to use his newly-acquired spidey powers for good instead of evil and also gains the confidence to be with MJ (Kristen Dunst). Willem Dafoe puts on a stellar performance as the conniving Green Goblin, while his son Harry (James Franco) faces difficulty in his loyalties.
Spidey-Rating: 4.3/5 webs

Hungry Games
In this “hungry” rendition of the eponymously-titled book, Kathleen fights a high number of other tributes to the death – not unlike the Olympics. This movie has everything the book has: a romantic subplot, an interesting plot, and some vivid descriptions of nature. I won’t write any more, lest I spoil this fascinating movie for readers!
Hunger-Rating: 4/5 pancakes

Breaking Bad
So, unlike these other summer hits, I haven’t seen much of Breaking Bad. But the one and a half episodes I saw were pretty damn good. In short, there is a lot of gang-busting and drug-cooking that is a little bit hard to watch, but also worth it. The series has everything: a pilot episode, complex characters I don’t understand, a decent meth recipe, and interesting desert landscapes. Yours truly certainly plans on watching more.
Drug-Rating: 4.3/5 kilos


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