Liveblog: Breaking Bad Sleepover!

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9:55- Mike and Walt are yelling at the lady who sells them methylamine!

9:56- Kent’s cats are playing in the pull-out couch I’m going to sleep on. Good thing I took allergy medication!

9:58- They were about to kill that that lady, but it turned out that someone in the DEA put the tracking device on the methylamine.

9:59- Hitomi finally came out from under the couch! Petting time!

10:00- My eyes are starting to itch. It’s possible that the medication hasn’t kicked in yet. Also, they’re talking about ‘an ocean of methylamine’. Walt’s getting excited about cooking!

10:02- They might rob a train! Looks like Jesse will need to come up with a really good way to figure it out (hopefully involving magnets)

10:09- The internet went out and we had to restart the router. I also ate a banana.

10:10- Jesse had an idea to rob the train without anyone finding out! Heists!

10:12- Walt is putting giant water tanks buried under the train tracks. Time for some heistin! Also, Todd is here. Todd makes me nervous.

10:13- Eyes are really itching. But the medicine is making me really sleepy. I should really never get cats, but I really want to.

10:15- Walt is being science-y. He really likes it! Maybe he should go back to being a science teacher instead of a meth kingpin?

10:16- His computer just ran out of batteries! Cliffhanger!

1016- And he’s back!

10:17- Walt Jr. is being angry in his room. He must be mad about not getting to eat breakfast with his family. Poor guy

10:19- Hitomi’s ears are really pink! Kent says it means that she is overheating.

10:20- Skyler is smoking!

10:20- …cigarettes. But she’s an attractive lady anyways. Also, she just acted the crap out of that scene!

10:22- About to rob that train! Seriously though, these eyes are really itchy.

10:23- Neither of the cats will sit on my lap. I’m really jealous of Kent!

10:25- Bill Burr is in this episode. He’s pretty darn cool. Also, he looks kind of like my cousin Brett. But maybe that’s just because they both have red hair and his name starts with a “B”

10:26- They’re stealing from the train! Todd is doing a great job with that drill

10:27- I just petted Hitomi! Totally worth it

10:29- A nice Native American guy just offered to move Bill’s truck for him. Bill doesn’t seem to be grateful!

10:29- They’re doing a great job with the heisting! Also, Bill Burr is rocking it as a diversion.

10:31- Walt is refusing to stop heisting even though they’re running out of time. He’s so ruthless! Also, Hitomi is definitely not down with sitting on my lap.

10:32- Walt is really waiting until the last minute with this… “GTFO dude!” -Kent

10:33- Success! Made it out just in time. Well done crew! Jesse even fell under the train! Badass!

10:33- “Yeah, bitch!” -Jesse, of course

10:34- Oh snap! The kid with the dirt bike was watching him the whole time…

10:34- Todd just waved at him, classic undercover cop move!

10:34- Nope, Todd just shot the kid. What the hell, Todd?!

10:35- Wow, that’s the episode. Holy crap. See you next week. Also, I still never got a cat to sit on my lap.


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