LiveTexting The Election!

6:17pm: “I dont have a smart phone, so can I live text you the election coverage?”

8:51pm: “I’m betting on this with my mom for 100 dollars. I don’t have 100 dollars”

9:27pm: “Floridas close… fucking val”

9:48pm: “Fuck yeah”

9:48pm: “Also, CNNs ballot cam is totally necessary”

9:50pm: Djibouti still not reporting in for election!

9:58pm: “I still don’t regret writing in for Anderson Cooper”

10:02pm: “What about me!”

10:02pm: “Sorry I’m drunk”

10:04pm: “You can’t trust what they’re saying. It’s only a projection! #InceptionOrElection?

10:10pm: [in response to drinking games being played during the election] Drink until it’s over, then call your mom and gloat that she owes you 100 bucks

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