9 Things We Remember (Originally Featured on Buzzfeed)

1. Remember riding in these?


2. Or brushing with one of these?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Remember using these to do math?
TI83+UV4. Remember sitting in these?

677536 5. Remember writing with one of these?pencil 6. Or remember flying in one of these?14646plane_boarding 7. Haha, or reading one of these?man-reading-newspaper1 8. Remember tying these?How-to-Tie-Your-Shoes-in-a-Crowded-Room-Without-Looking-Like-a-Jackass-picture-by-findmefitdotcom 9. Remember drinking from one of these?Woman Drinking Glass of Water


What Your Favorite Jason Statham Film Says About You

This shot could be from literally any Jason Statham movie
This shot could be from literally any Jason Statham movie

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998): “I’m British”

Snatch (2000): “I wish I was British”

The One (2001): “I boycotted movies after 9/11”

The Transporter (2002): “I like cars!”

The Italian Job (2002): “I’m Mark Wahlberg”

Cellular (2004): “I’m watching a movie marathon at Jason Statham’s house”

Transporter 2 (2005): “I have awful taste in action films”

Revolver (2005): “I really enjoy Guy Ritchie movies. Like, to a weird degree. I’m probably Guy Ritchie.”

The Pink Panther (2006): “I have no idea who Jason Statham is”

Crank (2006): “From the trailer, I thought this was a pornographic film. It did not disappoint”

War (2007): [no one has seen this film]

The Bank Job (2008): “I tried to pick up a copy of The Italian Job and became so depressed I’ll probably never see another Jason Statham film”

Death Race (2008): “The Transporter films have kind of sucked at murdering people while driving cars.”

Transporter 3 (2008): “I convinced myself that the Transporter Boxed DVD set was worth it”

Crank: High Voltage (2009): “I YELL A LOT”

The Expendables (2010): “I somehow wish for the glory days of action movies even though Jason Statham has been bringing me the best possible action movies for the last decade.”

The Mechanic (2011): [authors note: I stopped watching Statham movies after Death Race, so I’m making up all this as I go along. But before that, I really saw all those films]

Killer Elite (2011): “I really don’t have discriminating tastes in Jason Statham films.”

The Expendables 2 (2012): “I’m Jason Statham plugging this film on late night television.”

Parker (2013): “I kind of understand the concept of ‘film noire’, but totally misuse it when describing this film”