Well Met: A Podcast Review

My friends Rushabh and Kyle (sp?) started a video game podcast called Well Met. I would have loved to write a nice review to encourage everyone to read it. Instead, they made fun of me on their most recent podcast. So I went back and listened to Episode 2: Violent Games. Here is every negative thought that I had:

  • Even though I lived with Kyle for a year, I can’t tell the difference between his voice and Rushabh’s
  • Kyle kicks it off talking about video game news
  • Apparently there’s no news
  • I can hear the beer cans and eating/drinking in the background
  • 3rd banana Nick breaks his radio silence to yell at Kyle at how Kyle owes money
  • The theme song is the only part of the podcast that isn’t awful. They obviously had nothing to do with the production of this music and my only hope is that the actual artist forces the podcast off the internet due to copyright concerns
  • It’s possible that my review might be biased because I don’t actually like video games
  • Talking about Super Mario Galaxies, which would be interesting, but everyone is talking at the same time
  • It sounds like someone’s chair is about to break
  • Rushabh apparently doesn’t play video games? Why is he hosting this podcast then?
  • They’re talking about law school
  • A dog is barking
  • Nick is playing SuperHexagon while recording the podcast. Not exactly making a hard sell
  • Maybe I should be playing SuperHexagon instead of listening to this?
  • Humble Indie Bundle! I know this topic! Maybe they’ll talk about the interesting business model?
  • Nope, just name dropping the games that they’ve played
  • Someone is having a conversation in a nearby room. Maybe they’re talking about something more interesting!
  • Now, onto the topic of violence in video games! Alright!
  • Kyle and Nick are “ooooh”ing and Rushabh appears almost as annoyed as I am
  • Tip: don’t just bring up a video game and assume that the listener knows what it is. I don’t know what “Postal” or “Manhunt” are. Explain some of the history behind those!
  • Also, while I’m lecturing, try not to bring up memes. I know they’re easily recognizable, but it’s just weird to listen to people quote things
  • I can hear someone using a computer in the background and women laughing. Do they have doors in Minnesota?
  • They brought up BioShock, that’s a game I’ve played!
  • Alright, I’m into this discussion on violence and policy
  • Be sure to not talk over each other, it’s confusing
  • I find this very informative
  • I think Kyle and Rushabh are the same person
  • I don’t want to hear one person talking and the other just agreeing. Where is the sporting debate?
  • “A game is a series of conflicts” Good point, so should a podcast. Stop just agreeing with each other
  • Maybe the conflict could be racism?
  • Stop yawning Kyle!
  • Alright, we’ve got some minor disagreements going on! I love it
  • Wait, it’s settled
  • Yawnnnn
  • Alright, I’m going to the gym. 45 minutes is enough to get the flavor of the podcast, right?

Final hate notes:

I think this podcast has a lot of potential and I’m excited to listen to more of it! Just maybe consider getting new microphones, getting new hosts, getting new topics and content, getting new recording software, the intro song is fine, getting new hobbies, getting new personalities, and getting a pop filter.

I wish you guys the best and happy podcasting!


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