Things Every UW-Madison Undergrad Should Do (But I Didn’t)

I’m moving out of Madison for another state capital tomorrow. Here are all the things that any student justĀ hasĀ to do (but not me):

1. Get wasted at The Kollege Klub

A degree at the UW isn’t worth jack-shit if you haven’t gotten totally sloshed at the KK, so I guess my degree isn’t worth much.

2. Enjoy the Farmer’s Market

How great would it be to have some fresh food early in the morning? I wouldn’t know. It’s too early.

3. Jump Around in the student section at a Badger Football game!

I just don’t enjoy watching football.

4. Wear striped overalls


5. Party at The State Street Halloween Party!

I’ve never been sober enough to make it.

6. Sit on Abe Lincolns lap and tell him your dreams

This is the best I could do: