Roommate Problems: Netflix

An important way to getting along well with roommates is to put aside some dedicated time for an activity you can do together. You can write a blog together, start a podcast, brew some beer, or just watch the same Netflix show.

I’ve only lived in my new apartment for six days, and I’m already having a long, drawn-out argument with my roommate about which Netflix show we will bond over. We can’t seem to agree on one. I feel that this alone will be the demise of our living arrangement.

Here are the following shows proposed (and why they were shot down):

  • Lost (Roommate had already seen it)
  • Sons of Anarchy (“Mehhhh” – Me)
  • Fargo (“Mehhhh” – Roommate)
  • Luther (We watched the first 45 seconds and it didn’t look great. Yeah I hear it’s really good and Idris Elba is super cool, but the first 45 seconds weren’t amazing)
  • Hannibal (I’ve already watched the first season, would need to wait for roommate to catch up)
  • Bates Motel (We watched the first 3 minutes and it looked exactly like what I imagine Pretty Little Liars looks like. Not scary yo!)
  • The Killing (I decided it was too scary, yo!)
  • Sense8 (I didn’t like the title)
  • Utopia (Not available for streaming)
  • Daredevil (“I’m not into manly stuff like you” – Roommate)
  • Gone Girl (Roommate had already seen it; also, not a television show; also, not available on Netflix)
  • Frasier (Because I’m not a nerd)

Update: We found a solution (I’m moving out at the end of the month)